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Fall Program


Fall is our primary season, typically starting in early August. That’s when teams are formed and practices begin. Registration usually begins in April; please check the website frequently for updates.

Mt Diablo Soccer Association is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization – the success of our region is directly tied to the participation of our volunteers.  We are expecting over 1200 kids to take the fields this fall; if you have not yet volunteered to assist with the program, we urge you to contact one of our Board members to find out how you can help.   We have needs for talents in all areas, with volunteer training programs that are unmatched in the world of youth sports.  

Everyone PLAYS, Everyone VOLUNTEERS


Everybody plays. There is no special requirement for playing in the fall season, just a desire to have fun playing soccer. Teams are formed shortly after registration and balanced to ensure fair play. Practices usually start in mid August. Games usually start in late August or just after Labor Day weekend.  Games continue through late October to early to mid November depending on the division. U10 and older teams will participate in the Mt. Diablo World Cup to determine who will represent Region 223 in the Area tournament before Thanksgiving.

US Soccer has instituted Birth Year registration, and AYSO is adopting this starting with the 2017 membership year (8/1/2017 - 7/31/2018), along with the new Division naming convention ##U versus U##. (The "U" means "Under" and the ## is being realigned to the age the players will be by the end of 2018.)  So rather that being U10 (Under 10), players will now be 10U ("10 and Under").  What does this mean to you: All players born between 1/1 and 7/31 will see no change in their progression within the divisions. Those born between 8/1 and 12/31 will move up one "rung" in the division ladder this year only.  Players must be born between January 1, 1999 and December 31, 2013 to be eligible for Fall 2017. Please refer to the Age Guide below to determine your child's Division for the upcoming Fall season.


Age Guide for 2017-2018 Membership Year
Born in Division
1999, 2000, 2001 19U
2002, 2003 16U
2004, 2005 14U
2006, 2007 12U
2008, 2009 10U
2010 8U
2011 7U
2012 6U
2013 5U
This age guide is for games and competitions that begin on or after Aug. 1, 2017 


The 2017 Fall Player Registration Fee is $142.50 plus a non-refundable AYSO Annual Membership Fee of $17.50.  The Fall Player Registration Fee is used to offset the cost of uniform kits (jersey, shorts, socks and a soccer ball), field rental fees, equipment, and other incidental expenses.

  • $130 for Registrations received before 5/8 ($142.50 + $17.50 AYSO Annual Membership Fee - $30 Early Bird Discount for early registration / guaranteed placement)
  • $160 for Registrations received between 5/8 - 6/18 ($142.50 + $17.50 AYSO Annual Membership Fee for guaranteed placement)
  • $200 for Registrations received on or after 6/19 ($142.50 + $17.50 AYSO Annual Membership Fee + $40 Late Registration Fee for waitlisted registration)


NOTE: Player Fees include a non-refundable $17.50 AYSO Annual Membership Fee. If a player is withdrawn before July 15 (the team building player count lock in date) and any distributed equipment has been returned, a full refund of the Fall Player Registration Fee will be issued.  The non-refundable AYSO Annual Membership Fee of $17.50 will not be refunded.

Questions and Answers

Q: I registered my player, but they are on the waiting list.  What does that mean?

Waiting List Registration means that your player is on a first come first served list (based on date and time of registration) awaiting placement on a team.


The ONLY exception to the first come first served rule is the situation where a wait listed player moves to the front of the line because their division needs a coach and their parent or guardian volunteers to take this role.  If your player is on the waiting list and you want to coach a team, please send an email to


The following will result in your wait listed player being placed on a team from the waiting list:

  • Space is available on a team in the players division when teams are formed (generally prior to season start)
  • If there are enough players on the waiting list and an available coach which results in a new team being formed (note the coach volunteer provision above)
  • If any players withdraw after the season starts, the available spot will be given to the player at the top of the waiting list


Generally all players that remain on the waiting list after two weeks of games have been played will be issued a refund of the both the Fall Player Registration Fee and the AYSO Annual Membership Fee (a player's application for AYSO Annual Membership is not submitted until they have been removed from the waiting list).  If a player is removed from the waiting list, assigned to a team, and then withdraws; the AYSO Annual Membership Fee of $17.50 is non-refundable.


If a player on the Waiting list submits a Player Withdrawal Form  they will be removed from the waiting list and issued a refund at that time.

Q: Does AYSO Region 223 have a Scholarship Policy?
Mt. Diablo Soccer has a Scholarship Request Form (pdf format) and there is a formal process for requesting and awarding scholarships as we feel strongly that it is important to be sensitive to the needs of our community.
Mt. Diablo Soccer is a non-profit organization and is run by volunteers.  Each player's registration fees help to cover costs associated with uniforms, insurance, equipment, field useage fees, maintenance and upkeep. We encourage families to pay as much of the fees as possible to help Mt. Diablo Soccer cover these costs.
If considered for a scholarship, all that Mt. Diablo Soccer asks for in return, are several hours of parents' time, signing up for one of our volunteer duties. The volunteer duties can range from: coaching and refereeing to registration, field maintenance and field marshall duties.
Scholarship Request Form (pdf format) may be downloaded, and for privacy reasons should be filled out completely and submitted directly to our Registrar via email at
Q: How are balanced teams created each season?

All players are balanced across teams within a specific division based primarily on age and player rating.  Following are the team balancing details:

  • The Coaches are NOT INVOLVED in the creation of teams at Mt. Diablo Soccer, they receive their roster and team assignment at the beginning of the season like everyone else
  • The only way to guarantee that unrelated players are on the same team is to coach the same team with the parent or guardian of the other player
  • Team Manager, Team Parent, or Team Referee requests to be on the same team with a specific coach or player are not considered due to the impact on team balance
  • Buddy, friend, and carpool requests are not considered due to the impact on team balance (all special circumstances must be submitted to and approved by the Regional Commissioner)
  • Requests to be on a specific coach's team are not considered due to the impact on team balance
  • Players are assigned to teams during the team building process by a software program that considers player age and player rating
    • For player age, an example is first year 12U vs second year 12U
    • For player ratings, these ratings are supplied by coaches at the conclusion of each Fall season on a scale of 1 to 10
    • Unrated players are treated as 5 by the software program that is conducting the team balancing
    • For co-ed divisions (Spring only), the player gender is also considered in team balancing
  • The software program places the children of the team coaches on the team with each coach
  • The software program places siblings and children in the same household on the same team
  • The teams are then reviewed for any fine tuning to improve balance by age or player rating and potentially spread Select or Elite players that are in the Fall or Spring program across teams.  Any approved special requests are implemented at this time.
  • Spreading known referee volunteers across teams has been considered as an additional factor for team balancing.  However, this has not been successfully implemented to date.
  • Once the team rosters are released to the parents and coaches, player moves across teams are limited to Commissioner approved special requests and adjusting team balance due to player withdraw requests or new player additions
  • Once games begin, we do not move players to different teams for these reasons but will replace withdrawn players with waitlisted or late registration players or otherwise add players to a team to fill available roster spots