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How to Ensure Your Child Has a Great Experience Playing Soccer with MDSA

on Wed, 07/31/2013 - 07:56

Dear MDSA Families,

As the Referee Administrator team, we want to welcome you to another fun and exciting year of soccer.  We know that no matter what skill level your child has in soccer, MDSA will work very hard to provide a fun, family friendly place for them to learn about soccer and themselves.

AYSO's Mission is to provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives. As an ALL VOLUNTEER league, the key to our success is the willingness of ALL parents of children who participate to be actively involved in creating a successful environment for children and families.  Your help is critical in ensuring that every child, including your own, has a great experience.

The key to our program is making sure we have all key positions filled for every team.  Every team needs a coach and an assistant coach, and two referees.  As an all volunteer league, we have a saying….

  Without coaches, we don’t have teams. Without referees, we don’t have any games.

Volunteer coaches have stepped up to ensure that your child has a great experience. We encourage you to consider joining them by filling another critical role that will ensure the success of the program and ultimately benefit all the children – become one of the team referees.

Every game needs at least one certified referee. At U10 and above, increases to three certified referees. This is why we need a minimum of two referees per team

Why should you become a referee?

  • Being a referee is a great way to show your kids your support.
  • You get the best seat in the house to watch wonderful children have fun and learn.
  • You are making a real difference in the life of children, including your own.
  • Great way to get exercise.
  • By becoming a certified referee, you will always ensure that any game your child plays at will have a referee.
  • AYSO has a world-class accredited training program.
  • MDSA has a number of very experienced senior referees to help mentor new referees.
  • AYSO is about player development. In MDSA, game scores do not count until the 8th game, at the start of the MDSA World Cup. This gives referees a chance to learn and grow along with the players.

Being a referee is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child.

To encourage parental participation, MDSA has adopted a referee point system. Every team is required to earn referee points in order to participate in the MDSA World Cup tournament, and potentially proceed to Area Cup play. At the first team meeting, the coaches will be asking for parental volunteers, including team referees. We hope you will support your child’s team by becoming one of the team referees. This league policy is designed to ensure that every game has the necessary number of referees so that every game is fair, fun, and safe.

If you have any questions about what is involved in becoming an AYSO referee, please contact the referee administration team at

We look forward to seeing all of you on the soccer field this fall!

The Referee Administrator team.